Software engineering and Testing

The localization of a given software is more than a translation – the resulting software should smoothly fit in the country’s environment, which sometimes means that formats, codes, font types needs to be changed, the illustrations and diagrams need to be modified and the language itself needs careful consideration.

Especially with software, the different contents are closely interrelated – the screenshots from the localized software appear in the help documentation, the requirements may appear both on webpages and packaging… These are just some small details which – when not taken in account – may suggest (falsely) an amateurish approach from the developer / manufacturer. Our team is prepared and ready to deal with all such aspects.

A localized product (be it an office software or a gaming application) needs testing to ensure that all details are fit and that everything is functional. Our testing team can walk through the entire software or part of it to check whether all texts are displayed correctly, that no text overflows or is incorrectly hyphenated and that all functions are acting as required. The spotted mistakes can either be corrected by the client or by our in-house engineers.


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