Translation and localization both require a lot more than just language knowledge – it’s also about expertise, style, the understanding of the client’s needs, and also about the tools we use. Although a translation isn’t the creation of something brand new, it requires art to master the different aspect and finesses in order to achieve the Quality that meets the expectations, both in term of accuracy, consistence and overall perfection.

Fields of expertise and languages

We are specialized in the technical and medical translations, software, website and game localizations, but will also professionally handle projects in the marketing, corporate and financial fields.

Due to our situation in Europe, we mainly manage projects to Central European languages (Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak, Czech…), but we can also accommodate you with other languages pairs be it from English, German, French, Romanian or Russian.

The tools

Different clients and different subjects may require different tools – and we do our best to meet these requirements. We have a strong expertise in memoQ, a computer-aided translation (CAT) tool with a high degree of flexibility and great support, but we can also support you in Trados Studio, Worldserver, Passolo or Wordfast projects. Our engineers and DTP specialists can process documents and texts from different formats (PDF, Docx, Framemaker, InDesign…) to make them CAT-ready and reconvert them to their native format once the translation job is done.

Quality assurance

Perfection may be hard to reach, but we do our best to achieve it, and this throughout the whole project. A careful checking of the source by the project leader is the first step and the choice of the team is surely not the last: each project is reviewed by a second linguist, subjected to a software-based QA process and finally reviewed by the project leader prior delivery.


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